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6 th Touristic Route: The Neighbourhood

This route consists in visiting many caracteristic places of Parteolla. Serdiana is a little town situated about 1 km to Dolianova.

6 th Touristic Route: The Neighbourhood

Through the churches it is possible to learn the real history of this area.

1) We leave from Serdiana, passing through their countryside until we arrive at “S’isca manna”.

2) Back to “Sibiola” we can admire the church of “Santa Maria”, built in 1140 by “vittorini” monks.

3) Going further 500 metres, you can see “Su stani saliu” the last antique residual material from the geologic epoch. In the period when the “Campidano” was covered by water.

4) You an visit the storic centre and the ethnographic museum “Su Beranu” phone 070 743032.