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Historical Notes

Dolianova is a town in the heart of Parteolla. The birth of the name Dolianova has uncertain origins. Some scholars attribute the meaning to nuragic period, but certainly the most popular theory leads to a source Olea Latin Pars, the name by which the Romans would have called the Parteolla to emphasize the widespread cultivation of olives.

Historical Notes

Dolianova officially born on June 25, 1905, the unification of the ancient village of San Pantaleo and Sicci San Biagio. However, in his campaigns there are numerous archaeological sites attests to the presence in the area even earlier. Probably the most mountainous part offered hunting opportunities and better support to defend themselves against attack. You can remember numerous settlements, such as "Sa dom '' and s'orcu", "Mitza salamu" and "Sa dom '' and s'ossu".

Going back over the centuries, is in possession of material dating from the Middle Ages as skeletons, earrings, vases, glass paste, coins and precious stones.
The churches are, undoubtedly, the most tangible sign that history has left the territory in work clothes. There are several. But that still leaves the two parishes, derived from the ancient division of the country: San Pantaleo and San Biagio.

Dolianova is not just history or art, is also productive activities. Its territory is a center that is well grounded in agriculture and animal rearing. Then over time the situation has evolved and was born in what is now really Dolianova: a town that is an alternative to the city, which it still has the services offered by the city but at the same time retaining its identity.