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4 th Touristic Route: The Winery Activity

The day is dedicated to visit an important aspect of Dolianova the winery: “la cantina sociale of Dolianova”.

4 th Touristic Route: The Winery Activity

The tour consists in viewing all aspects of the work cycle of the winery. Each product needs a particular work method, that only specific and qualified people can do. The reputation, and the competitivety of the winery products on the market makes good publicity for Dolianova. At the end of the tour, you will be able to taste the variety of products made in the factory.
Although, if you want, you can reach an agrituirism, that will offer you the possibility to taste a tipical sardinian meal. Phone 070 744101

The artistic park of “Sa Tanca” The park is located in S. Esu/’isca sa folla, on the opposite side of the winery “Cantina sociale of Dolianova” not far away from the town, and just 15 km away from Cagliari. This park is caracterised by a vast surface of six ectars with about 6000 pines trees (pinaster- pinea-d’aleppo) and other tipical mediteranean vegetation, like holm oaks, junipers, mirtles and others.


The park has paths for long walks and others entertainments. The first sculpture was inaugurated in 18/10/2003 and it was dedicated to the water. This sculpture rapresents a horse with wings with Moses, that came out from the rocks and another sculpture rapresents a lady with an anphora. These sculptures are situated on a 25000 litres basin of water in a 120 metres of square ground.

You can visit this park. telephoning 339 2900945 or 070 572396