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5 th Touristic Route: The Olive-Growning Activity

In Parteolla, (which is the area in Sardinia, about 20 km north-east from Cagliari), the coltivation of olive trees goes back to ancient time.

5 th Touristic Route: The Olive-Growning Activity

The huge presence of this noble tree, from the past until today, is nowadays one of the greatest sources of economic support to the agricolture of this sardinian area. 
The Oil museum is situated in the Villa built by the Bojl family in the end of 1600. In the begining of the 1900, the Villa was bought by the notary Francesco Locci, who started producing his own oil, from his olive trees, as well as grinding olives for the rest of the population. In the town he was known by the name “Su Notariu” (the notary) and from here the definition of this place is “Sa mola de su NotaYiu” (the notary’s millstone ).


This name was made to identify the family oil mill, and today is the name of the Oil museum. Since 1900 the mill activity hasn’t stoped in this millstone, where today the museum is located in Viale Europa. Phone 070 740651.

The tour finishes with a visit to the COPAR, which is the cooperative of olive oil making. It will be possible to visit with a guide, the processing of making olive oil, and at the end, you will be able to taste the product. Phone 070 741329